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Activities – Les Pommes

Activities at Les Pommes

We have a range of activities planned out for the academic year which include the following:


Fine Motor Skills

  • Fits objects together and takes them apart
  • Pounds pegs
  • Complete 3-10 piece puzzles
  • Puts items into openings
  • Begins to cut with safety scissors
  • Dumps and pours
  • Uses a spoon to scoop materials
  • Firs lids on jars
  • Begins to use snaps, buttons and zippers


  • Walks length of tape on floor
  • Tries to balance on one foot
  • Copies simple body movements
  • Jumps
  • Climbs over, under, in and out of things
  • Understand personal space

Ball Play

  • Throws a ball in to a box
  • Tries to kick a large ball
  • Walk up to a kicks a ball


Fine Motor Skills

  • Opens and closes containers
  • Uses lacing cards
  • Completes 10 – to 20 – piece puzzles
  • Cuts paper safely with scissors
  • Cuts along a line in a continuous motion
  • Folds paper in half
  • Begins to write some letters and numbers without space restraints


  • Runs around corners
  • Jumps forward

Play Ball

  • Throws a ball overhand
  • Kicks a large ball


  • Jumps in place without falling down


September Activities

1.  International Literacy Day
2. Make a Hat Day
3. Collect rocks day
4. National play-doh day
5. First day of autumn
6. Eid
7. Museum day

October Activities

1.  World Habitat day
2. World Teacher’s day
3. National poetry day
4. Fire prevention day
5. Farmers’ day
6. Dictionary day
7. World Food day
8. Halloween

November Activities

1. National sandwich day
2. Young Reader’s day
3. Button day
4. Stop the violence day
5. Pins and needles day
6. Aviation day

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