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LES POMMES | OCTOBER 2016 – Les Pommes



Dental Care is one of the personal and social development learning areas for preschoolers. This theme helps them to develop positive habits and skills that will last a lifetime. Students of kindergarten were taught how to take care of their teeth and to keep them clean at all times.

After discussing why and how we brush our teeth, students were provided with yellow teeth (teeth shapes cut out of yellow construction paper), white paint and toothbrushes for them to paint away!. Students also made a LARGE toothbrush using a variety of arts/crafts supplies (fabric, ribbon, fabric, sequins, etc.); pompoms, yarn, glitter glue, crayons, markers, etc.The children decorated a classroom toothbrush that could be hung outside their classroom (or inside!) to introduce our Dental Health theme!

Pre Kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten students were introduced to the letter ‘t’ this month. Students made little teddy bears using a chart paper. They painted the teddy bears using their favourite colors and pasted cotton on the teddy bear’s tummy. They had a great time!


A colour recognition activity was carried out with our little toddlers. Students were given ice cream sticks and pouches in different colours. They had to sort out the ice-cream sticks and put them in their matching pouches. Students were able to recognise the colours yellow, green, red, blue, pink and orange. It was a fun filled activity.


Students were introduced to the letter ‘c’ and the shape ‘cone’. They were given an activity to craft a ‘conical cap’. Students used their finger prints to decorate and colour the cap. They finished it with pom poms on top to make it look cute. They also made ice creams cones to reinforce the shape ‘cone’.

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